Submitting a Technology Project Request (How-to)

When a new technology idea for a project or enhancement is being pursued, the process for vetting and planning begins with the submission of a technology project request. This allows ITS to become involved early in the process to ensure the selection of solid and supportable technology solutions. The steps below describe how to submit a technology project request. For more information on the ITS project process, see our website at

1. Technology Project Request Form

  1. Complete the Technology Project Request form. Required fields are denoted with a red asterisk.
  2. Click Save.

2. Request Confirmation

NOTE: If you need to come back and finish the submission later, reference Step 8 for retrieving a previously started request.

  1. A new window will appear indicating your request was created successfully. If you are ready to submit, click Review and Submit.

3. Request Review

  1. A new screen will open with your entered technology project request name indicating it is not submitted. You are now on the Business Case subsection.
  2. Review the General subsection. To edit, click Mark Incomplete and edit as necessary.
  3. When you are satisfied, choose Mark Complete. Mark Complete saves your changes. Mark Incomplete will appear as an option after marking a request section complete.


4. Attachments

NOTE: If there are no attachments necessary for this request, select Mark Complete and Submit and skip this step.

  1. Click Attachments in the left navigation.  
  2. Click Add Attachments.
    1. Choose the attachment source.
    2. Navigate to find the file.
    3. Select your file.
    4. Click Open.
    5. Repeat as needed for any additional attachments.
    6. Click Upload
  3. Click Mark Complete.

5. Review and Submit

  1. Click Review and Submit from the subsections menu to access the activities log.
  2. Once you are satisfied with all subsections, click Mark Complete and Submit.

6. Confirm Submission

  1. A confirmation screen will apear, and the ITS Project Management team will receive the request to begin the evaluation process. An ITS Project Management team member will be in touch regarding next steps and additional documentation.
  2. Your request is assigned a Request ID number.
  3. To view the request, click View the request you just submitted. You will not be able to make changes at this stage.

7. Project Requests/Statuses

  1. To review previous project requests, make changes to a request not yet submitted, or check the status of your project request, log into the IT Service Portal.
  2. Click on Services.
  3. Go to Project Requests to view current and past project requests and statuses.

8. Additional Documentation

After the request is submitted, the ITS Project Management team will review for completeness and determine what type of request you have made and what additional documentation, if any, is required. You will receive communication asking for additional documentation if needed.

  • For enhancements: An Enhancement Definition Document (EDD).
  • For projects: A Business Case form, Return on Investment spreadsheet, and a Technical Assessment. These documents are presented to ASAC for review and recommendation regarding submission to President’s Council.
  • For regulatory requests: A Regulatory Justification form to document the regulation or legal requirement and corresponding date.
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