PollEverywhere Audience Response System (Clickers) for Instructors (FAQ)

PollEverywhere is an audience response system. It allows users to request participant feedback during interactions and enables participants to respond by using mobile devices and web browsers computers. Currently, instructors are encouraged to use the "Student Pays" if their courses are larger than 40 students. Anyone supporting a class smaller than 40 respondents can use the free PollEverywhere version if they are not in need of the additional features allowed with the Student Pays version. Your account can only maintain one license type, Free, Student Pays, or Instructor [Pays].

Can I integrate directly into Blackboard?

Unfortunately the Student Pays version does not support a direct integration with our LMS, Blackboard. If you need to record data as a part of Blackboard's Grade Center feature, please follow instructions for importing your PollEverywhere response data into Blackboard

How do I get support for PollEverywhere?

If you have a PollEverywhere account using your Drake email address and support the Student Pays version, ITS can help support you. Both the free version and the Instructor [pays] version are not able to be supported by ITS because our university administration account is designated Student Pays in order to support the majority of instructors. 

How can I be added for support?

Please submit a Technology Training Request including a description that asks to be added to the University Support for Student Pays version of Poll Everywhere. You will then receive an email from PollEverywhere with Drake University asking you to Accept an invitation to connect. You will need to click Accept from the email and follow any additional on-screen instructions provided. 

Where can I find more information?

For information, please refer to the appropriate user guides.

If you have any further questions, please schedule a Technology Training Request or contact the ITS Support Center at 515-271-3001.


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