Obtaining Temporary Admin Access on a Mac (How-to)

When Drake accounts run in administrator mode on computers, they are able to install programs and modify settings without restriction. While this in itself is not a bad thing, it also makes it extremely easy for attackers to install their own malicious software and compromise computers and information. This software installs and runs in the background without you knowing, and is often very difficult to detect and un-install.

To combat this threat, Drake-owned computers do not operate with administrator mode as the default state, and instead, tools provide temporary administrator access, allowing software installation and setting changes when needed, then automatically reverting to prevent attacks.

1. Launch Make Me Admin

  1. From the Finder's Go menu, choose Applications.

  2. Locate and open the Mac Self Service application. Depending on your preferences, it may be in a list, or an icon as shown below.

  3. Within Mac Self Service, choose All or Utilities from the left menu, locate Make Me Admin, and click the Grant Rights button. Alternatively, type Make Me Admin into the search bar in the upper left corner of the window.

  4. Once activated, a pop-up message will appear in your notifications for a few seconds, indicating that your administrator access is set up.

2. Perform the actions that require administrative access.

  1. The administrator access will remain in place up to 30 minutes, allowing time to make any modifications needed. After that time, Make Me Admin will display an additional pop-up message in your notification area stating that you are no longer a member of the Administrators group. NOTE: You only need Administrator rights to start an install or update a program. Installation will complete even if after you've been removed from the Administrators group.
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