Using LockDown Browser™ (Digitally-proctored online tests) for Students (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions answered in this article:


What is Respondus LockDown Browser™?

Respondus LockDown Browser™  (LDB) is a custom, secure web browser used when taking some quizzes and tests in Blackboard. It restricts you from printing, copying, going to another URL, or accessing other applications during a test without permission to do so. If a Blackboard test requires that Respondus LockDown Browser™ be used, you will not be able to take the test with a standard web browser such as Chrome, Firefox or other standard browsers.

When you are using Respondus LockDown Browser™, it locks down your computer screen, preventing you from seeing anything other than Blackboard (the learning management system). It also hides or forces you to close other applications before you begin.

Respondus LockDown Browser™ works much like a standard web browser, but some options have been removed or work differently. The list below highlights some of these differences (see image below).

  • LockDown Browser Preview and highlighted tool barModified Toolbar - the condensed toolbar includes only Forward, Back, Refresh and Stop functions. Students cannot navigate to another URL using this browser.
  • Quiz Mode - quizzes are shown full-screen and cannot be minimized, re-sized, or exited until submitted for grading.
  • Disabled Controls - all printing, keystroke combinations, screen grab, function keys, and right-click menus have been disabled.
  • Links - links to other web servers do not compromise the locked testing environment.
  • Blocked Features & Applications - the Start button (Windows), system tray, and menu bars have been removed. The clock function has also been removed.

How Do I Download Respondus LockDown Browser™?

The URL for downloading Respondus LockDown Browser™ is found on Drake’s Blackboard homepage. Students must download Respondus LockDown Browser™ to their personally owned laptop or desktop computer well before a test to ensure there is enough time for any additional updates that may be required. It is an easy install of a file that is not very large. Please be sure the computer you are using meets certain system requirements before downloading the application. 

Some instructors will require that you bring your own laptop computer to use Respondus LockDown Browser™ in class. If you do not own a laptop computer that meets testing requirements, please reach out to your instructor well in advance of the exam to secure alternate accommodations.

NOTE: If you get a suggestion to re-download Respondus LockDown Browser™, there is no need to do an un-install first; simply download LDB and follow the instructions on the screen.

How do I Troubleshoot?

To eliminate additional issues, it is suggested that students should do a fresh install at the beginning of each semester. There is no need to un-install Respondus LockDown Browser™. Just re-install Respondus LockDown Browser™.

You will see a “Check for Updates” option when you are logged into Respondus LockDown Browser™. It is always a good idea to click the option, and accept any update offered.

If you are taking tests from home, Respondus LockDown Browser™ recommends a wired Internet connection rather than wifi/wireless connection because the test is more susceptible to freeze/stop responding if there is an interruption in your Internet connection. If you save each question as you go, your instructor has access to all saved answers up to this point. However, your access to continue the exam is based on exam settings your instructor controls. Please reach out to your instructor if you lose your Internet connection during your exam to determine your next steps.

How do I use Respondus LockDown Browser™ to take a test?

The most common student error: Everyone taking the exam needs to enter Blackboard by launching the Respondus LockDown Browser™ application FIRST, THEN navigate to the course and test within Blackboard.

NOTE: If you launch a standard browser such as Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer or Firefox as you would to normally access Blackboard, you will not be able to take the quiz/test. If the icon you use does not say "LockDown Browser," then you are using the incorrect browser.

Getting started taking a test

  1. If applicable, plug in your laptop to ensure adequate power throughout the exam.  Also, shut of Sleep Mode Settings to avoid accidental exam submission. (Find out more information about Best Practices for Online Testing)
  2. Close all open applications running on your computer.
  3. Launch Respondus LockDown Browser™. (Respondus LockDown Browser™ must be installed on your computer.) On the PC, you will see the LockDown Browser™ icon on your desktop. For Mac users, you will find LDB in your Applications menu. If requested, choose a server and click OK.
  4. If you have any applications running you will get the message: You must close the following program before starting the browser. Do you want Respondus LockDown Browser™ to attempt to close this program for you?
  5. Select Yes.
  6. The Blackboard page will open. Enter your Username and Password. Click Login.
  7. Open your course. Navigate to your test and select it.
  8. A pop-up window will ask whether the instructor requires a password. Enter the password, or, if no password is required, click Continue.
  9. The test will then start. NOTE: Once you start a test with Respondus LockDown Browser™, the exam will appear in a full-screen window and all other applications and links are locked down. You cannot exit until the Submit button is clicked.
  10. When you are done taking your test, click Submit.

NOTE: Some instructors may ask you to review your exam results before exiting Respondus LockDown Browser™. 

Finishing the test

  1. When you are ready to exit Respondus LockDown Browser™, click the X in the upper right corner.
  2. You will get a message: Are you sure you want to exit?
  3. Select Yes.

My instructor asked me to complete a Practice Test using LockDown Browser™. Why?

A practice test does several things:

  • Saves time on test day by ensuring that you have downloaded the application and know how to use it before a high-stakes test.
  • Reduces anxiety on test day since you are already familiar with the application.
  • Reduces technical problems on test day by highlighting any major issues ahead of time. Any issues that might arise during the practice test can be addressed before the real test, reducing the potential for technology-related problems during the test.
  • Increases familiarity of testing processes for both students and faculty.

What do I do when Respondus Lockdown Browser freezes/stops responding after I entered Blackboard course, but before I started the test?

Since you are not yet in the exam, close the Respondus LockDown Browser™. When you close Respondus LockDown Browser™ you should see a security pop-up, at which point you can click OK. Re-launch Respondus LockDown Browser™ after clicking through the security pop-up. You will be able to access and take exam without problems. This works only if you re-launch the Respondus LockDown™ Browser immediately after you close the pop-up window.

NOTE: If you go to another website, restart your computer, or make any changes to your computer, you may encounter this problem again when you launch Respondus LockDown Browser™.

When I open a quiz I get the message: “You must complete this assessment in Respondus LockDown Browser.” What does this mean?

This means the quiz requires you to open the Respondus LockDown Browser™ in order to take the quiz. You will need to launch the Respondus LockDown Browser™ application.

I lost my Internet connection while taking an exam with Respondus LockDown Browser™, what do I do?

If you lose your connection to the Internet while taking a test using Respondus LockDown Browser™, Respondus LockDown Browser™ will freeze up. If this happens, you will need to restart your computer by powering off, then powering it back on. If your instructor has not set the test to multiple attempts, your instructor will have to reset your test in Blackboard before you will be able to take it again.

Why must I close other programs before launching Respondus LockDown Browser™?

Other programs running in the background can cause Respondus LockDown Browser™ to lock up, freeze, or stop responding. Instant messaging, iTunes, chat, Internet and other Java based programs must be closed before launching Respondus LockDown Browser™.


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