Managing a Microsoft Team site (FAQ)

Microsoft Teams is a product that combines tools and resources such as group chat, calendars and file sharing into one location using the Office 365 platform. Each Team has an owner or owners who have the ability to add or remove people to the team, change the team settings or make other adjustments. To learn more about what you can do as a Team owner, see the links to Microsoft resources below. NOTE: Not all functionality is provided or supported by Drake ITS.
What can I do as a Team Owner?

Team owner, member, and guest capabilities in Teams:

How do I find out who's on a Team or Channel?

See who's on a team or in a channel:

How do I add/remove Team members?

Adding members:

Removing members:

How do I change my Team's settings?

Manage team settings and permissions in Teams:

How do I create a new Channel?

Create a channel in Teams:

How do I add guests to a Team?

Add guests to a team in Teams

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