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Looking for training for an individual or group in learning technologies available at Drake? ITS can help you out. See the options below to customize the best training for you. Set up one session or create your own series.  If you are ready to request custom training, please submit a request for Custom Learning Technology Consultation or Session.

Best Practices for Blackboard tools

Pick a tool or two to feature in your training:

  • Assessing Learners in Blackboard: Delve into learning about a multitude of student creation tools for assessing learning. Session will cover how to manage assignments, tests, and other assessments. We will also look at some of the reporting options tied to the assessment tools available in Blackboard.
  • Date Management: If you online more, then you are likely using additional due dates, limiting access to content until needed, or other routes of access. When moving from one term to the next, the ability to bulk update dates across your course is the most efficient means. Discover some tricks and tips to using this tool for all your courses.
  • Discussion Boards: Discussion boards are a great way to build community among students in a course and a good way to make a large class feel more intimate. Learning the capabilities of different types of discussion board techniques can enhance student success in a course.
  • Enhancing Communication through Blackboard: Promote, create and maintain open communication channels through using the tools in Blackboard. We will focus on learning more about automated notifications from the system as well as other methods to communicate and collaborate.
  • Gradebook Features: Investigate ways to be more efficient in managing student assessments, assignments, and grade calculations using the tools in the gradebook.
  • Online Testing: Online testing differs greatly from giving tests using pencil and paper. Learning more about best practices and things to avoid can save you preparation time. By using online exams, you can also be more efficient in reusing questions, grading and re-grading if there is an error keying the test into Blackboard.
  • Respondus LockDown Browser: Before using LockDown Browser for testing online, it is important to understand all of the implications and options. Using LockDown Browser adds a layer of technological prowess as well as enhanced security for testing environments.
  • Setting up Your Blackboard Course: This practical, hands-on session will guide you in taking the content from your syllabus and build your Blackboard course to match.
Collaborative Instruction in the Classroom

Collaborative learning involves students working in peer groups or with an instructor. Leveraging technology can remove the need for physical proximity and time. This session will cover the variety of resources available to facilitate this type of instruction.

Using Office365 for Educational Information & Collaboration

What is Office365? What tools are included in the suite? How can you use them for student access and collaboration? And how can you leverage these tools and bring mobile technologies into your classroom?

From Face-to-face, Web-enhanced, Blended, to Online Learning

The continuum of teaching and learning modalities ranges from face-to-face, web enhanced, blended, to fully online. We will discuss the differences and the adjustments made in each of these methods.

Managing Content to Facilitate Learning in Blackboard

After you've outlined your course to match your syllabus, you can add and manage content to facilitate improved learning. This workshop will introduce you to some of the lesser known features of Blackboard that allow you to manage content more efficiently.

Online Synchronous Collaboration Tools

Have you ever had the need to “Zoom” or "Teams" in a distance speaker to your class? Are you interested in offering classes at distance with student participants? This session will highlight the resources we have available to everyone across campus, how to get started, and how to successfully lead synchronous distance sessions.

In the one hour version of this session we will cover how to:

  • Initiate a session 
  • Work with audio and video
  • Call into a session from a phone line
  • Invite users from outside the institution
  • Participate from a mobile device
  • Manage breakout sessions
  • Share whiteboard, PowerPoint, and your computer desktop
  • Record and retrieve the recording
  • Use best practices for a successful session
Take Control of your Calendar

Learn how to make the most of your time by taking control of your calendar. We can cover the basics of using calendars in Outlook and Blackboard, how to manage your personal and professional calendars effectively, and the best way to find time for a group to meet.

Using Technology to Motivate Students: Minds Online

This session will be using the book Minds Online: Teaching Effectively with Technology by Michelle D. Miller as a guide. We will discuss how enhancing communication in a course will improve student attention. In addition, we will also cover ways to monitor student performance and help the students maintain responsibility based on the performance indicators provided.

Video in Courses

Learn how to use videos in your coursework for delivery, student recordings, and for videos that can be available to outside audiences. Get answers to all your lingering questions and understand the wide variety of options.


Are you inspired by a different topic for learning technologies. Propose your own topic for departmental sessions.

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