Working in Teams with Guest Members (How-to)

Departments that regularly collaborate with individuals outside of Drake, may want to create a Microsoft Team to work with them. In order to protect any potentially confidential information,  Drake ITS requires the creation of a separate Team to use with individuals outside of Drake. This team must be owned by member of Drake faculty or staff. Guest (non-Drake) members have full access to all channels and files within the Team. They can add, delete and edit files, participate fully in channel conversations, and can view and edit any OneNote files.

In order to be a Guest member of a Team, you first have to create a Microsoft Account. Once a guest has created or verified their Microsoft account, and has been invited to the Team by the owner, they will access Microsoft Teams by going to

Drake faculty and staff can also be invited to sign in as a guest to Teams hosted by another organization using their Drake Teams account. Skip to Accessing a Microsoft Team as a Guest for instructions on how to log in.

Create a Microsoft Account (for non-Drake Team members)

If you do not already have a Microsoft account, you will need to create one in order to join a Team as a guest member. A guide on how to create a Microsoft account is available on Microsoft's website under How to create a new Microsoft account.

Adding Guest Members to a Team (for Team owners)

Verify creation of Microsoft Accounts

  1. Be sure that all of the non-Drake people you want to add to your Team have created Microsoft Accounts by following the steps above.
  2. Once you know they have accounts, you can invite them to join your Team.

Inviting Guest Members

Documentation on Guest Capabilities in Teams from Microsoft

  1. Using the article "How to add Guests to your Team" on the Microsoft website, add each guest member using their Microsoft account email.
  2. Adding them to the Team will generate an email invitation.

Accessing a Microsoft Team as a Guest (for non-Drake team members accessing Drake Teams or Drake team accessing a Team hosted by another organization)

Team Email Invitation

Once you receive an email inviting you to the Team:

  1. Click the button in the email to Open Microsoft Teams.

Example invitation email

  1. If prompted to, sign in to your newly-created Microsoft account.
  2. On the Drake permissions screen, click the Accept button. NOTE: This screen will only show the first time you log in.
Review permissions screen Step 3

Accessing Teams

Teams can be accessed either by opening online at or downloading an app to your computer. The app can be downloaded from the website or by going to For help with Microsoft Teams, see Getting Started with Microsoft Teams (FAQ).

NOTE: You can only be logged into one organization per client at a time. Drake faculty and staff will not be able to receive phone calls with any Teams client while logged in as a guest on another organization's Teams site. One work around is to keep the app installed on your computer logged into Drake and only access Teams hosted by other organizations in a web browser by visiting

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