Getting Started with Blackboard Learn for Instructors (How-to)


With Blackboard Learn, you can use any theory or model for teaching your online course because it's open, flexible, and centered on student achievement. Even if you're new to online instruction, you can create a basic course in a short amount of time. You can start with a week, or two, of materials and add more later.

We've compiled some tips and basic steps to help you create content in an online course. We want to help you with the high-level processes involved when building a course from the ground up.

Basic Steps

Once you complete these basic steps, you'll have a course ready for students!

  1. Quick Start or Make a plan
  2. Adding Content, Assessment, and Communications in Blackboard (How-to)
  3. Seek advice from a colleague or use Student Preview to review your course
  4. Make content available to students

 If you have any further questions, please make a Blackboard Learn Ultra Request and select "Consultation".



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