Blackboard Learn Ultra Request

The Blackboard Learn Ultra Learning Management System (LMS) is a web-based tool for organizing and delivering materials and engaging learners. Blackboard Learn Ultra provides options for assessing learning objectives, grading and feedback, discussion boards, and more. 

Use this service to request any of the below actions in Blackboard Learn Ultra. (Faculty/Staff only)

  • Add/change/remove user access
  • Consultation on how to best use features
  • Create custom course/site
  • Merge courses
  • Restore archived course or content/student data
  • Share/copy course content
  • Training
What to Expect

An ITS staff member will respond to your request according to the timelines listed below.


When you submit your request, the form will guide you through a series of questions to determine the nature of your request and ensure you provide the necessary information for ITS staff to assist you.

  • Add/Change/Remove user access (1-2 business days)
    • Students and instructors are automatically added to a course within 24 hours of enrolling, but instructors can request to add other users as long as the request complies with FERPA and other laws.
    • Instructors can also request to have users who were not enrolled through DUSIS to be removed or deleted.
  • Consultation (1-2 business days)
    • Individual faculty members, adjunct instructors, groups of faculty, and staff can schedule a consultation to assist with understanding tools, course design, and developing collaborative working spaces for faculty and staff.
  • Create custom course/site (1-2 business days to 3+ weeks depending on extent of work)
    • Request a custom Blackboard course site for an individual, unit, organization, working group, etc. If the request is related to developing training, certificate programs, or external audiences, ITS staff will require additional details and this site could take up three weeks to create, depending on complexity.
    • External audiences can only be partially supported. Blackboard Learn Ultra access will be limited and a consultation will be required. 
  • Merge courses (1 business day)
    • Blackboard course merge requests combine all student and instructor enrollments from two or more courses into a “parent” course. Merging courses avoids content replication across multiple courses/sections offered in the same semester. NOTE: Cross-listed courses are automatically merged into a single course site.
  • Restore archived course (2-3 business days)
    • Instructors can request a past course be restored as long as it is in the archive repository (2 years after removal from the LMS). NOTE: See LMS Retention Policy for further details.
  • Share/copy course content (1-2 business days)
    • Instructors can copy their content from a previous term into a new course, but they must submit a request if they want to share course content with a colleague.  
  • Training (varies)
    • Training is available to individual faculty, adjunct instructors, groups of faculty, and staff about the development tools in Blackboard Learn Ultra.