Blackboard Learn Ultra Training

Drake is migrating to Blackboard Learn Ultra LMS, and all courses will be in Blackboard Learn Ultra starting Fall 2021.  The following information will provide you with training resources and links to help you prepare for the transition.

Drake Sponsored Blackboard Learn Ultra Opportunities

"Blackboard Learn Ultra Instructor Orientation" course

The "Blackboard Learn Ultra Instructor Orientation" course is available in Blackboard Learn.  Every Drake faculty member has been enrolled in the course as a student.  If you cannot find this course or do not have this course, please submit a ticket to the ITS Help Desk.  It is strongly encouraged to complete the instructor orientation so you can start preparing for fall courses this summer.

Ultra Course Template

A Blackboard Ultra course template has been designed to support clear organization and communication in the course. You can add, modify, or arrange content within your course after the template is applied.  Content that is already in the course will not be erased or changed with the addition of the template. Request a Course Template.

Sandbox Courses

Ultra sandbox courses were made available to most faculty members in Fall 2020. If you do not have a sandbox course or need additional sandbox courses, please submit a ticket to the ITS Help Desk.  The sandbox courses:

  1. provide a risk-free environment for hands-on practice in an Ultra course (this is also where you will practice skills learned from instructor orientation)
  2. allow you to build/prep a new course in Ultra (which can later be copied into a live course, if desired)
  3. allow you to copy a previously offered Blackboard Learn Original course into an Ultra course (which can later be copied into a live course, if desired)

Drake Online "Design Dialogue" Session Recordings

Drake Online hosted a series of "Design Dialogues" focusing on a different topic related to Blackboard Learn Ultra. Recordings of the Design Dialogues are available on our Faculty Resources page. Scroll down to Online Design Dialogue Recordings. 

Faculty Guide

This guide offers a step-by-step outline for developing a new online course using our course template in Blackboard Learn Ultra with easy instructions and clear direction. Note: Since the Faculty Guide will be updated frequently for the foreseeable future, we do not recommend printing it at this timeOpen/Download the Faculty Guide.

Online Course Quality Checklist

This checklist allows you to review your class to ensure it meets basic standards and creates an engaging and supportive online classroom for students. Open/Download the Checklist.

Blackboard Sponsored Training Opportunities

There are several opportunities available through the Blackboard Community site. A one-time registration is required. 

From the Home Page, select Programs and Groups from the top of the page. The following two categories each include helpful resources for the transition to Learn Ultra.

Academic Engagement Programs

  • Instructor Webinar Series group – For any Learn Ultra webinar that sounds of interest, register for the webinar or access the recording. 
  • If you prefer to scroll quickly through the presentation deck for any topic, search under Resources header on the right andopen the “Instructor Webinar Series 2021 - Decks” landing page. 

SaaS and Ultra Programs

  • Exploring Ultra Webinar Series group – This series includes four webinars, recorded each month to reflect updates to the software:
    • Ultra Base Navigation
    • Ultra Course Design
    • Ultra Course Communication and 3rd Party Tools
    • Grading and Managing the Gradebook in Ultra
  • If you prefer to scroll quickly through the presentation deck for any topic, search under Resources header on the right andopen the “Slide Decks” landing page.

Blackboard YouTube Playlist

Follow the Blackboard YouTube playlist for quick access to the 50+ video tutorials on the Ultra Course Experience. Note: This option may cover tools to which we don’t subscribe and may not give you rationale for decision making.

More Information

To learn more about the Blackboard Ultra upgrade at Drake, visit


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