Saving/Opening Files in Citrix Workspace (How-to)

Running Banner or the Campus Desktop through Citrix Workspace affects how you need to save data and files.

NOTE: Be careful of where you save files as Citrix Workspace deletes saved files at the end of each session.

1. Select File to Local Computer

1. Select File

  1. Select Save As or Open.

2. Select Location

  1. Expand This PC in left side navigation by clicking on the arrow to the left.
  2. Expand Local Disk (C: on .....).
    1. You can also use a different drive altogether; such as the Z: drive
  3. Expand Users.
  4. Expand the folder with your Drake ID number.
  5. Expand OneDrive - Drake University.
    1. This is so that your saved file is automatically synchronized with OneDrive Online as the rest of the files of your computer do.
  6. Select your folder.
  7. Click Save.

Save File to Local






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