Guides to help resolve any issues accessing Banner, Drake's Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and data authority.

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Getting Started with Banner

Guides for new Banner Admin Page users.

Banner Communication Management (BCM)

Schedule & send emails based on a Population Selection or SQL statement via BCM.

Banner Navigation

Guides to help you find your way around Banner Admin Pages including shortcuts and custom menus.

Banner Security

Requesting Banner security changes. Formerly Drake Security Access Procedure (DSAP) for Banner.

Using Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) with Banner 9/ODBC

Information on using Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) for remote work with Banner 9 or ODBC.

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Troubleshooting Banner Home Page Loading Issue (How-to)

Multiple browsers now have default security settings which prevent the ‘Accept Terms of Usage' frame from properly loading on the Banner Admin home page. Browser settings which disable ‘cross-site tracking’ will present issues for the 'Accept Terms of Usage’ frame, which users must accept before accessing Banner Admin each day. The following steps have helped to prevent this issue from occurring.