Banner 9 for Advancement (FAQ)

When Drake's Advancement department implemented Raiser's Edge, some functionality in the Banner 8 Advancement module continued to be used, both for integration purposes and for other department needs. Since then, Drake has upgraded to Banner 9 without the Advancement module, and so new pages had to be built and affected processes adjusted. This page lists the most frequently asked questions about those Advancement pages and processes that have been changed.

Which pages/screens still exist in Banner 9 for Advancement?

The list of pages/screens below still exist for Banner 9 for Advancement; in addition, linked to the right you will find a handy 'Banner 9 Advancement Cheat Sheet' available to download. Please note that this list includes only non-giving related pages/screens (giving-related pages/screens will be addressed in the near future). Please contact ITS if other non-giving related pages/screens are needed.

Banner 8 Page/Screen Banner 9 Replacement Page/Screen
APACONS (Advancement Individual Info) SZACATG (Donor Categories)
APAXREF (Cross Reference) SZAXREF (Cross Reference)
ADADESG (Designation - Header Information Tab) SZADESG (Designation)
ADADESG (Designation - Financial Aid Funds Tab) SZAFUND (Designation - FinAid Fund Link)
AGCFDED (Deduction List) SZAFDED (Deduction List)
ATVXREF (Cross Reference Validation) SZVXREF (Cross Reference Validation)
ATVDONR (Donor Category Validation) SZVDONR (Donor Category Validation)
ATVDSTP (Designation Type Validation) SZVDSTP (Designation Type Validation)
ATVFREQ (Pledge Frequency Validation) SZVFREQ (Pledge Frequency Validation)
What do these new pages/screens look like?

For the most part, these screens should look very similar to Banner 8, only adjusted for use in Banner 9. For more information, there is a 'Banner 9 Advancement Screen Comparison document linked to the right that you can download to see the screens side-by-side.

Which Advancement processes/jobs are still in use with Banner 9?

The following processes are still in use, and have been adjusted for use in Banner 9. Please note that this list includes only non-giving related processes (giving-related processes will be addressed in the near future). Please contact ITS staff if other non-giving related processes are needed.

  • AZRBIOS - Student/Parent feed to Raiser's Edge
  • AZRBIOE - Employee feed to Raiser's Edge
  • AZRBIOG - New graduate feed to Raiser's Edge
  • AZPDECD - Deceased individual import from Raiser's Edge
  • AZPGURF - General ledger processing import from Raiser's Edge
  • AZPPDED - Payroll deduction pledge import from Raiser's Edge
  • AZPALMP - Report on payroll deduction pledge payments completed
When I add a relationship in SZAXREF, do I then need to add the reciprocal relationship on the other record (e.g., if I add a child relationship on a parent, do I need to add the parent relationship on the child)?

When adding/changing/deleting any relationship, the reciprocal relationship is also added/changed/deleted automatically, so only one side of the relationships needs to be added/changed/deleted.

When looking at spouse relationships in SZAXREF, can you see who is the primary/secondary relationship?

Yes. Now, instead of having to search for a message “Combine Mailing Relationship is SECONDARY” at the bottom of the screen, you will now see the message “This spouse is secondary (not head of household)” on the same line as the spouse relationship.

How do you correct a relationship between spouses in SZAXREF where the primary/secondary is incorrect?

First, remove the spouse from one spouse's record (this will remove the spouse record from both spouses). Then, re-add the spouse relationship on the primary spouse’s record (e.g., if adding a spouse relationship between John and Jane Doe, and Jane Doe is the primary spouse (listed first when mailing), then go to Jane Doe’s record and add John as the spouse).

Can you still create/maintain a cross reference in SZAXREF on records where one record does not have a donor code (donor category in APACONS/SZACATG)?

Absolutely! However, for a valid relationship to exist in SZAXREF, both records must have a Banner ID.

What happens to all those records where there is no ID in banner and they currently have cross references on APACONS/APACHLD?

Since these records aren’t entered or edited in Banner any longer, these records weren’t migrated to be editable in Banner 9. However, these records are still stored in their respective tables (APRCSPS/APRCHLD), so the historical data will still be available on request.

In the original APACONS page/screen, there were three tabs (Base Information, Donor Category, and Spouse); however, in the new SZACATG page/screen, there are only donor categories. What happened to the Base Information and Spouse tabs?

When looking through the needs for Banner 9, it was discovered that the information in the ‘Base Information’ tab (preferred class, preferred address, etc.) and the ‘Spouse’ tab (spouses without Banner IDs) was no longer needed for Banner users (this information resides in Raiser’s Edge for Advancement users). The donor categories (SZACATG) were kept to easily identify which records are also maintained in Raiser’s Edge, and to identify what relationship they hold to Drake University.

Is there a particular order to the records in SZACATG (Donor Categories)?

Yes, records in SZACATG are automatically displayed in the report sequence order determined in SZVDONR (Donor Category Validation). This allows the record's closest relationship to Drake to be displayed at the top of the list, regardless of what order it was entered.

In the original ADADESG, there were six tabs (Base Information, Finance Information, Designation IDs, Attributes, Financial Aid Funds, and Class Years), while the new page SZADESG has only part of the Bas Information, and SZAFUND has the Financial Aid Funds.  What happened to remaining information?

When looking through the needs for Banner 9, it was discovered that most of the information from the ADADSEG screen was no longer required for Banner needs (this information resides in Raiser’s Edge for advancement needs).  The information in SZADESG was required for payroll deduction pledges, and the information in SZAFUND was needed to maintain links between advancement and financial aid funds.

Why is the information in SZAFDED (Deduction List) view-only?  What can we do if a pledge needs to be adjusted?

Due to the processes involved, this information should only be edited on rare occasion, and then only when agreed upon by both advancement and the payroll department.  In these rare cases, payroll deduction pledges can only be updated/adjusted by using the AZPPDED process to re-import the adjusted pledge from Raiser’s Edge.

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