Recording a Zoom Meeting (How-to)

Zoom is one of the video conferencing systems provided by Drake. Zoom provides the ability for faculty to create virtual classroom sessions. 

Zoom Meetings can be recorded locally and uploaded to Panopto for students to access in their courses. Additional Zoom support is also available through a variety of tutorials, webinars, and how-to instructions.

Zoom Meetings can be recorded locally to your machine then uploaded to Panopto for students to access in their courses.

Starting Your Zoom Meeting

  1. From the Zoom Tool Link, locate the meeting you would like to begin and select Start.


Launch Zoom

  1. When system dialog prompts, click Open


Recording Zoom Meeting

  1. Once your Zoom Meeting is open, select the Record icon in the bottom navigation panel. 
  2. At the conclusion of the Meeting select End.

Access and Upload Zoom Meeting File

  1. Your file will automatically save locally to your machine and a dialogue box will open with the file path to the recording. You can then upload the file to Panopto for your class to access.
  2. Please note: Zoom recordings are not automatically distributed to a shared storage solution. You must upload the file to Panopto, OneDrive, Google Drive, or another cloud-based solution to allow others to view the recording. If you do not need immediate access to your capture, then you may leave the file on your machine and navigate to Documents > Zoom to locate the .mp4 file to upload to Panopto at a different time.
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