Using the Self-Service Laptop Kiosk (How-to)

Students, faculty, and staff can borrow one of 12 MacBook laptop computers to use for up to four hours for FREE from the self service laptop kiosk located on the main floor of Cowles Library by the printers and Information Desk.

These laptops are loaded with applications including:

  • Chrome, Firefox, and Safari web browsers
  • Microsoft Office programs (Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • SPSS
  • Citrix Workspace
  • Panopto

NOTE: All files saved to the device will be erased once you log out of your account or return the laptop. You must use a cloud storage service like OneDrive, Google Drive, or Dropbox to store any files you create while borrowing the laptop.

1. Borrowing a Laptop from the Kiosk

To get started, touch anywhere on the screen to activate the kiosk.

  1. Touch the Checkout button.
  2. Review the Laptop Terms of Use. Once finished, touch Agree.
  3. Either scan the bar code on your Drake ID card at the right of the screen (see image below) or select use keyboard if you don’t have your Drake ID card with you.
  4. If you chose use keyboard, enter your Drake ID number on the keypad and Submit.
  5. Type your Drake password using the on-screen keyboard and Submit.

NOTE: After you've successfully entered your Drake password, you’ll hear a click and a laptop will be partially ejected from its location. The laptop is yours to use for four hours. If the laptop is returned late or is returned damage you may be blocked from further use of the Kiosk.

Starting screen to check out a laptop--Checkout button

Laptop Terms of Use screen

Check out options--scan your card or use keyboard

ID Number Entry screen

Password Entry screen

2. Using a Check-out Laptop

  1. By checking out the laptop you're agreeing to abide by ITS guidelines. Review the Agreement and Accept.
  2. You will then see a message from Microsoft as shown below. Click OK to exit the notice.
  • On campus, the computer will automatically join the eduroam network. If you're using it off-campus, you'll have to join and authenticate to a local network.
  • You must save your work to a Cloud storage service like OneDrive, GoogleDrive or Dropbox.
  • The dock at the bottom of the screen provides access to the most commonly used applications. To access additional programs, click on the Finder icon, and then go to Applications.
  • NOTE: Although system preferences have been disabled for users, you can use the function keys to adjust screen brightness, or control volume.

If you encounter any issues with the laptop you've checked out, call the support center at 515-271-3001 or submit a Laptop Kiosk Issue at the IT service portal. Be sure to note the number of the laptop (located on the underside of the laptop) you were using.

Accept Agreement screen

3. Returning a Laptop to the Kiosk

When returning the laptop, simply slide it into any open slot as shown in the diagram below.

  1. When a computer is returned, you will see an on-screen receipt that the returned computer has been accepted.
  • If you return a laptop within five minutes of check out the kiosk will ask if there is a problem with the device or not. Please complete the survey to ensure all laptops remain in working order.

Image of how to return computer

Laptop Checkout return receipt screen

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