Enabling Teams E911 Location for macOS (How-To)

The University calling system, Microsoft Teams, may need access to your Mac’s location so emergency services could locate you in the event of an emergency. By default, macOS does not allow an administrative team to forcibly enable device tracking to protect your privacy. If you plan to use emergency services on your Drake issued Mac, please follow these instructions.

1. Enabling Location for macOS

1. Enable administrator permissions

  1. Ensure that you're an administrator on your Mac. If you're unsure, run the Make Me Admin app using these instructions.

2. Access Security & Privacy 

  1. Open the System Preferences app (usually located in your Dock).
  2. Click on Security & Privacy.
    macOS System Preferences screen with number 2 arrow pointed at Security & Privacy

3. Enable Location Services for Teams

  1. Click the lock and enter your administrative credentials to unlock this panel.
  2. Ensure that location Locations Services are turned on.
  3. Check the box next to “Microsoft Teams Helper (GPU).”Security & Privacy panel with step one pointing to bottom left lock, step two pointing to the check box labeled "Enable Location Services", and step three pointing to the check box labeled "Microsoft Teams Helper (GPU)"

4. Ensure Teams Location is Working

  1. Restart Microsoft Teams.
  2. Go to the “Call” section in Teams.
  3. Check the location in the bottom left.
  4. If it's inaccurate, you can manually change it by clicking the carrot to the right of the address.Teams "Call" module with step 2 pointing to the Calls icon on the left hand side, step 3 pointing to the location in the bottom left, and step four pointing to the drop down arrow next to the location


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