Eventbrite Payout Process (FAQ)

Eventbrite access and processes are managed by Drake's Office of Conference & Event Services.

1. Fees

  • All colleges/departments will pay the same pre-negotiated non-profit fees for events that have a charge.
  • The Eventbrite fee is 2.0% of ticket price + .99 per transaction
  • There is a 3% credit card processing fee in addition to that if credit cards are used

Note: There is a max of $7.95 per ticket for the Eventbrite fee, there will still be a 3% credit card processing fee on top of that when allowing credit cards for payment.  

Illustration of EventBrite Fee Structure with University Pricing

2. Pass On or Absorb Fees

The Event Organizer makes the decision to either pass fees on to the attendees or to absorb fees.

  • By default, Pass Fees On is selected, meaning that the fees will be added to the ticket price and paid by the attendee. You, the organizer, receive the full price of each ticket.
  • If you chose Absorb Fees, the attendee pays just the price of the ticket and the fees are deducted from the price you set. You, the organizer will receive the price of each ticket, minus the fees. We recommend this option for donation ticket types.

3.  Eventbrite Payments/Refunds

All users hosting events that require paid registration or tickets should use the following recommended payout process. This standard process will provide consistent treatment of payouts from Eventbrite in the cashier’s office and within the colleges/departments. Consistent treatment will expedite posting of payments and eliminate most questions related to check processing.
This process does not apply to free events, as there will be no payout process related to those.

Payments: All payments to Drake University will be by check. There is no option for direct deposit. Fees are deducted from gross sales prior to the check being sent. In general, a check is mailed out within 5 days of the event date. Delivery time of checks is dependent upon the postal service (NOTE: holidays will delay mail delivery).

Refunds: Processing of refunds is the responsibility of the event organizer(s). Make sure all refund requests are processed in a timely manner, so that they have been accounted for prior to the closing of the Eventbrite event. If this does not happen, you will need to initiate that refund via a refund check through Drake’s Accounts Payable.

If you have further questions, contact Eventbrite@drake.edu for specifics on Drake payment processing.

4. Payout Method

The payout method is already set-up to be a check via Eventbrite Payment Processing. Payouts will be mailed to Drake University via the Office of Conference & Event Services. Checks will be logged and then sent onto the department/college that hosted the event.

Payment Options screen

5. Offline Payment Methods

You can choose to collect your payments from attendees via offline payment methods. Those options are set-up here.

Collecting Offline Payments screen

6. Deposit Confirmation Email

When EventBrite will send you an email like this when payment is being processed. It is the responsibility of the organizer to review the payout details and ensure all refunds are processed before the deadline.

Eventbrite Email Example

7. Cash Receipt Deposit Sheet Example

Once the event is completed and you have received your check(s), fill out a Cash Receipt Deposit Sheet with the correct FOAPAL for revenue and expense added on two lines. The Cash Receipt Deposit Sheet can be found at: www.drake.edu/busfin/forms/

The Eventbrite payout report you will receive includes all forms of payment (check, Eventbrite, cash at door) in the gross sales. The check deposit to the revenue account should only include the gross sales related to the Eventbrite transactions. On the fees side, please include the total for all types of payments.

Cash Receipt Deposit Sheet Example


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