Requesting a Printing Refund (How-to)

Refunds must be requested by students within two business days of the printing issue. Drake faculty and staff are ineligible for printing refunds.

1. Go to Web Print (PaperCut)

  1. Go to in your favorite web browser.

2. Log In

  1. Enter your Drake email address or ID number in the Username field.
  2. Enter your Drake Password.
  3. Click Log in.

3. Recent Print Jobs

  1. Click Recent Print Jobs on the left-side column.
Recent Print Jobs menu item

4. Request Refund

  1. Locate the print job that you want to have refunded.
  2. Click request refund for that print job.
Recent Print Jobs screen

5. Submit Request Form

  1. Select whether you want a full or partial refund. (Provide the requested amount for partial refunds.)
  2. Give a specific reason for requesting the refund.
  3. Click Send to submit the request.
Refund Request screen
  1. You will then see a message letting you know your refund request was submitted successfully.

Your refund request has been sent screen

6. Questions?

If you are having trouble requesting your refund, email Student Services.

For account balance issues or information, contact the Student Services Center or log into eAccounts to view your balance and account activity.

For PaperCut website issues contact Drake Support Center at or call them at 515-271-3001.


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