Web Printing for Students (How-to)

Web print is an online feature that will hold your document on a server to print within the next 24 hours from any public printer on campus. Once you arrive at the printer of your choice, you release your print job by either tapping your ID card or manually entering your Drake ID and password on the printer's touch screen. Web Print can print from Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint along with PDF and other image formats.

At the beginning of each semester, full-time undergraduate students will be allocated $20 for printing/copying during that semester. Part-time students are not allocated funds. Students can add additional funds at any time via Bulldog Bucks.

Below are the prices for printing:  

Price per impression Charge
Single-sided B&W $0.05
Duplex B&W $0.04
Color $0.25
Duplex color scan no charge
Fax, outgoing Free at student life center
Fax, incoming $0.05

1. Go to Web Print at Print.drake.edu

  1. In a web browser, go to the website print.drake.edu
URL of Web Print

2. Log in

  1. Enter your Drake email address or ID number as the Username.
  2. Enter your Drake Password.
  3. Click Log in.
PaperCut Web Print login

3. Web Print

  1. Click the Web Print option.
Web Print screenshot

4. Submit a Job

  1. Click Submit a Job.
Submit a job screenshot

5. Select a Print Queue and Choose Print Options

  1. Select the appropriate BW or COLOR queue depending on your document. There are both double sided and single sided options for each.
  2. After you've selected a print queue, click the Print Options and Account Selection button.
Print queue selection

6. Select Number of Copies

  1. Specify the number of copies you would like.
  2. Click the Upload Documents button to continue.
Number of copies selection screen

7. Upload File for Printing

  1. Select document(s) to upload and print. You can either drag files to the space indicated or click the button to Upload from computer. Make sure your document is one of the allowed file types/extensions listed.
  2. Click the Upload & Complete button.
Document upload screen

8. Release Your Print Job

Go to a public printer, tap your Drake ID card and select and release your document. Most devices can print in both black and white or color. Machines that are black and white only will have a sticker on the front indicating that they are black and white only.

NOTE: A one-time activation is required to connect your Drake ID card to your printing account. Before you can print or copy the first time, you’ll need to activate your Drake ID card by tapping it on the card reader and entering your Drake User ID number and password. For specific steps, see the article linked to the right.

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