Preparing your Blackboard Learn Course for the Semester (How-to)

Before the start of the semester, you should get your Blackboard Learn course ready for students. Students begin looking for their course material on the first day of classes and can easily become frustrated if the course is not yet set up or is missing content. For more information, see Best Practices: Course Content.

Reuse Past Course Material

  • For reusing previous course materials in Blackboard Learn you can copy your course content from one course to another, see Course Copy.
  • To update your content dates after you've copied your course, see Batch Edit.

Create New Content

Make Your Course Available to Students

Teaching Assistants, Graders, or Facilitators

  • For adding a Teacher Assistant or Grader, see Find Users to Enroll. Or you may request additional assistance by submitting a Blackboard Learn Ultra Request - Select Add/Change/Remove User request.
  • NOTE:
    • Please do not add students to your course that are registered.  This is an automated process and manual additions can cause issues.
    • Please do not add students to your course unless they are TA's or in some sort of tutoring role. They should either be enrolled in a tutoring course or hired by the university in some official capacity.

If you have any further questions, please request a consultation by submitting a Blackboard Learn Ultra Request or contact the ITS Support Center at 515-271-3001.

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