Using Desktop and Conference Phones with Microsoft Teams Calling (How-to)

Below are photos and instructions on how to use the desktop and conference phone models on campus.

NOTE:  For all phones listed below, you no longer need to dial out with a 9-1 when dialing out to an external phone number, just dial the 10 digit phone number (example: 515-555-5555) for off-campus calls and the 4 digit extension for on-campus calls.

  • To transfer calls from one Drake extension to another, you will have to search for the name associated with the extension (ex. John Doe)
  • To transfer a phone call to an outside number you will need to include +1 when adding the number (ex. +1555-555-5555)
Poly CCX 500

Photo of a Poly CCX 500 Phone

Watch a tutorial on using the Poly CCX 500 phone:


Polycom Trio Conference Phone


Polycom Trio Telephone

Watch a tutorial on using the Polycom Trio:


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