Adding a Score and Feedback to Blackboard Assignments and Assessments (How-to)

Access Attempts and Entering Scores

  1. Access a Blackboard Assignment Attempt for a student.
  2. In the grading menu on the right, click in the Attempt box. This expands the rest of the grading tools available (for example: Feedback to Learner boxes and Rubrics associated with the assignment). You may enter a score in this location.

Adding Feedback and Notes

  1. Best practices suggest you leave comments in the Feedback to Learner text box. NOTE: Students access these comments through the My Grades link.
  2. If you would like to add instructor notes that the student cannot see or access, please use the Add Notes link near the bottom of the menu.

Working with Submitted Files

  1. If students submitted an attachment for their assignment submission, you will see a hyperlink for easy download of the file. Downloading files are not necessary if you are using Inline Grading. You might also download all student submissions.

Inline Grading: Bb Annotate

Existing Grading 

All pre-existing annotations created through New Box View will be migrated and visible in Bb Annotate. When you reload a previous submission file, it will now display in the Bb Annotate viewer. You will be able to delete annotations as well as add new comments to any existing comment created using New Box View. 

Mobile App Compatibility

Bb Annotate will work with the Blackboard Instructor app, but not the Blackboard app. Students should access their assignment submission through a web browser to see annotations.

More Information 

The links and video below provide relevant information about inline assignment grading with Bb Annotate. 

Should you Save Draft or Submit Changes?

  1. Use Save Draft if you do not want to release the grade to the student at this time. You can come back to this attempt and Submit the score and feedback at another time.
  2. Click Submit at the bottom of the grading menu when you are ready to release the grade to the student. 

NOTE: If you are using inline grading, rubrics, or feedback on student assignments, it is best practice to teach students how to access that information in Blackboard. 


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