Downloading and Installing Mathematica (How-to)

1. Create Your Mathematica Account

  1. In a web browser, go to
    (Note: Students should be directed by an instructor to begin the installation.)
  2. Click Create Account.
  3. Fill out all fields on the account creation form. Use your Drake email address.
  4. Click Create Wolfram ID.
  5. Find the confirmation email sent to your email account and click the verification link.
  6. Log in using your new credentials.

2. Download Mathematica

  1. Click the My Products and Services tab at the top of the page.
  2. Click Mathematica for Students for Sites in the list of products. (NOTE: It may already be selected!)
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the download link for the software version compatible with your computer.
  4. Scroll back up to the Activation Keys section of the site.
  5. Highlight, then right-click and copy the Activation Key.

3. Activate Mathematica

  1. Launch the downloaded Mathematica program.
  2. When prompted, use your email address and copied activation key to activate the product.


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