Available Software Downloads (FAQ)

All students are eligible for free or reduced price software, including the latest versions of Microsoft Office/365 Apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook) for Mac or for Windows. Software is available beginning 30 days prior to the start of the fall semester.

Faculty and staff are eligible for discounted or free software.

Please see the instructions below for downloading and installing these applications (or for requesting others).

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud is available at a discounted monthly subscription price to Drake students through our partnership with On the Hub. Visit drake.onthehub.com and select Students, then Adobe. Please note: this software is intended for personal use on non University-owned computers.


Mathematica is available to students and faculty (including faculty emeritus) for personally owned devices. The KB article Downloading and Installing Mathematica (How-to) provides instructions for how to request a Wolfram Activation Key and for how to download, install, and activate Mathematica.

Microsoft Office/365 Apps Suite

Students can download and install Microsoft Office/365 Apps software for free. This software is linked to your Drake email account, so you will be able to use it until you graduate, and then three years afterwards as long as you keep your password up to date. 

You can download the software via Microsoft 365 My account. Access to Microsoft 365 My account is linked to your Drake Single Sign-on (SSO) so you will need to setup multi-factor authentication (MFA) (using the Microsoft Authenticator app on your smartphone or an alternate form of identity verification) if you haven't already done so.

  1. Go to Microsoft 365 My account.
  2. Click the Install Office button.
  3. If needed, allow the download of the Microsoft Office/365 Apps installer.
  4. Launch the installer from the downloads list in your web browser (or your downloads folder, if you prefer) then follow the on screen instructions.

Drake-owned computers have Microsoft Office/365 Apps pre-installed prior to deployment. If you need to update the software on your Drake-owned computer, use the Company Portal (PC) or the Self Service app (Mac). Instructions on using these can be found linked at the right. (NOTE: Microsoft Office/365 Apps may auto-update on your Drake-owned computer.)

Faculty and staff may obtain and use a copy of Microsoft Office/365 Apps for personal use on their personal (non-University owned) computer by following the instructions provided for students above.

Additionally, Microsoft provides access to other applications to anyone with a edu email account via the Microsoft Workplaces Discount Program


Staff and students have access to our campus license of SPSS. To receive the installer and directions to activate you will need to submit a request via our Software Request form.

For personal use on non University-owned computers, SPSS may be purchased via drake.onthehub.com. Once you get to the site, select More Software.

Faculty: If you need SPSS on your Drake-owned computer, use the Company Portal (PC) or the Self Service app (Mac). Instructions on using these can be found linked at the right.

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