Using the Self Service App (How-to)

Self Service is a tool for managing Drake-licensed software on Mac computers.

Self Service may be used to:

  • install new software
  • upgrade existing software
  • install printer configurations
  • troubleshoot common issues.

Self Service can be used explore what software Drake has available and the best part is, you can install anything from Self Service without assistance from ITS.

How to use self service

Launch Self Service

  • Self Service can be found by either going to the spotlight loop in the upper right and corner of desktop and searching for Self Service or by launching Self Service from the applications folder.

Image of the self service app


Find software to install

  1. Once Self Service has launched, you can browse for what is available by selecting from the categories and scrolling to see all offerings. 
image of the self service application

Install software or service

  1. Once you have found the software you were looking for, simply click the install button, Self Service does the rest. 
    image of software before installation
  2. Self Service will let you know that it is installing the selected software by showing the progress in the application icon.
    image of software being installed
  3. Once the installation is complete, Self Service will display a Reinstall message under the application icon. This is an indicator that the selected software has successfully been installed on your computer. 
    image of software once installed.

Launch the newly installed application

  1. Not all software will install and add itself to your computer's dock. All applications are added to the Applications folder. Open the Applications folder, find the software and launch by double clicking. 

More help

Self Service can also help direct you to additional support options

  1. If you need more help than Self Service can offer, you can click on the Additional Help button in Self Service.
    Image of additional help in the self service application
  2. Selecting any of the options will open the service you choose in your default web browser.


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