Setting User Preferences in Banner (How-to)

Ellucian has delivered the ability to modify certain settings within Administrative pages on a per user basis. Each user can set pagination preferences, filter settings, and columnar preferences on most pages within Banner Admin Pages.

  • Pagination refers to the number of records shown on a single ‘page’.
    • Pagination can be set to 10, 20, 30, 40, or 50 records per page.
  • Columnar preferences include both column width and column order on the screen.
  • Filter settings can be saved for each page to prefill frequently used filters.

A training video with examples is included at the bottom of this article.

Changing an Administrative Page

  1. After Navigating to an Administrative page, change at least one of the following: pagination preference, column width and/or order, or filter.


Before Applying Settings


*Note the change in column width and order.
After Changing User Settings

Set User Preferences

1. Click on Settings and select the appropriate setting to save.

Settings screen
Please view this training video from Ellucian to watch a demo of these new User Preference settings. 


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