Navigating Courses/Organizations in Blackboard Learn Ultra (How-to)

In Learn Ultra you can search for courses by name or filter the view to hide or show courses right from your Courses list. You can mark courses as favorites for easier access to the courses you use most frequently. All courses are accessible regardless of the view choice. Some courses are set up with different properties and require a change in course view to access previous inactive courses. Courses are listed in groups by term; you cannot re-order your course list.

About Course Grouping

Filter or search your list

  • Use the search function to find courses on the current view.
  • Use the Filter menu to modify your page view (if you navigate to another page, all courses show again).

Browse by term

  • Move to past, current, and upcoming courses.
  • Use the drop down option to choose the term you wish to view.
  • You can choose how many appear on each page. At the bottom of the list, you'll find a page selector to navigate through long lists.

How do terms work?

Drake uses terms to group your courses. Each term title matches the semester and year the course was taught (for example: Spring 2024 or Fall 2023).

About Favorites

View your favorites quickly

  • If you access a course frequently, you can select the star icon to add it to your Favorites so it appears at the top of the Current Courses or term page. You can de-select the star icon to remove a course from your Favorites.
  • You cannot reorder courses in the lists as they are listed in grouped by term with the most recent term first.

Course Cards/Course Images

List or Grid View

  • You can view the Courses page in either a list or a grid format.
  • Each course card lists the course ID, course title, course availability status (open, upcoming start date, or complete) and instructor(s).
  • If your course has multiple instructors, select Multiple Instructors for a list.
  • Select More info (i) to see the description and schedule, if added.

About 'Current Courses' in Learn Ultra

In the left navigation, select Courses to access course view. By default, courses taught during the current semester will appear on under Current Courses. Course content from previous semesters is still available but may not accessible from the Current Courses page.

NOTE: Only active courses (courses that are available to students) will show on the Current Courses list. All unavailable courses will only show if you look at a specific term. You can adjust which term is showing by selecting the Current Courses dropdown menu and choosing a specific term.

You can return to previous courses to review content, reuse material, and prepare your future courses by navigating to the semester and year the course was taught from the drop down menu.

Courses view in Blackboard Learn Ultra

Non-Current Courses/Organizations

Adjusting the course view to access non-current courses/organizations

  1. Courses taught prior to 2022 will NOT be visible under Current Courses as those courses are archived and removed from the system.
  2. Missing courses from your course list are likely marked as unavailable to students. You can see unavailable courses under the term in which they were taught (for example: Spring 2023 or Fall 2023)
  3. If you are unable to locate a course through the above searches, it may be located under the Assorted Dates section of your current courses view.

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