Using Microsoft 365 Distribution Lists (Best Practices)

This article covers best practices while using Microsoft 365 Distribution (Mailing) lists. If you are the owner of a distribution list and would like to manage it by adding or removing members, please see Editing Microsoft 365 Distribution Lists (How-to).

1. Sending email to a Distribution List

Emails may be sent to a distribution list in the same way you would send an email to an individual. If you are authorized to use a mailing list, type in the address of the mailing list into the To field.

ITS maintains the following best practices when sending email to a distribution list:

  1. Always keep the address of the list in the To field. The list address may not be placed in the Bcc field. This is to ensure that recipients of the email may see the target audience (for example, Drake Faculty) without any ambiguities.
  2. Avoid using Reply All and forwarding email to the distribution list. This is to minimize the potential of accidentally replying to the entire list instead of a single individual.

2. Solving common issues with Distribution Lists

1. Sender Not Allowed Error

If you receive a sender not allowed error message, you are not in the list of approved senders for this mailing list. If you believe this to be in error, please submit an Email/Calendar Request to ITS.

Office 365 Sender Not Allowed

2. I cannot manage the members of a list

Certain mailing lists, such as the lists that contain students of a specific major, are maintained by ITS. Adding and removing individuals from the list is performed automatically using information retrieved from Banner.

3. I cannot forward an email to a list

Certain mailing lists, such as the mailing lists that contain all students, faculty and/or staff, are configured to prevent forwarding email to the list. This is done to prevent email chains from inadvertently being distributed to all members.

If you would like to send a forwarded email to a mailing list, instead copy the contents of the email you wish to send into a new email, adding the list address to the To field.

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