Email/Calendar Request

All Drake students, faculty, and staff have access to email and a personal calendar within Microsoft 365. Email addresses are automatically assigned based on first and last names. Email addresses for individuals can be changed upon request, more information on email changes can be found in the Additional Information section below.

Other email services you can request:

  • You can delegate access to personal email/calendar accounts to other members of the Drake community to manage communications and schedules on your behalf.
  • Shared email addresses and calendars can be created for use by departments and groups. 
  • Email distribution lists allow you to communicate with a group of people via a single email address.
What to Expect

You will be contacted by ITS staff within two business days to discuss next steps for your request.


In order to make an email and/or calendar request you will need the following: 

  • Current email address for changes to existing accounts
  • Desired email address for address changes, share email accounts, or email distribution lists

For delegation or shared email/calendar requests:

  • Email address of person(s) needing access
  • Permission level requested (read or read/write)
  • Owner email address

For email distribution lists:

  • Owner email address
  • Can anyone can send to the list? Or only specific people?
  • Can anyone can subscribe to the list? Or is there is a pre-defined membership list?

Additional Information

For Faculty & Staff:

  • If you're changing a faculty/staff email address, you must first work with the Human Resources department. If the name change is due to a marriage, divorce, or other legal name change, you will be required to show proof. 
  • Faculty and staff email accounts are deleted immediately upon leaving Drake University.
  • Requests to recover a deleted Drake email account must be made within 30 days of leaving the University.

For Students:

  • You can change your preferred name, including email address by following instructions at If you’re a student who has a legal name change, please contact the Office of the Registrar at You will be required to show legal documentation of your name change.
  • Alumni email accounts are deleted three years after graduation.
  • Email accounts for all other students who leave the University are deleted one year after the former student's last day of classes.
  • Deleted email accounts cannot be recovered.


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