Students—Making Online Deposits to your Bulldog Bucks Account (How-to)

The Drake eAccounts system allows you to easily add Bulldog Bucks to your card. In addition to basic deposits, you can save payment methods, setup scheduled deposits, and use the Mobile Application to quickly make a deposit on-the-go (this requires a saved payment method in the main site).

Please note that all funds deposited independently by the cardholder are categorized as Bulldog Bucks.  You cannot deposit specifically to your "print account" or "dining account" - those are accounts that can only be filled by the University.  Bulldog Bucks are an optional/supplemental account, and funds deposited are going to cover any type of expense that is required after your University filled accounts have been depleted (food, printing, bookstore purchases, postal purchases, off campus purchases).  

1. Sign In

  1. Go to the eAccounts portal by clicking the "Bulldog Bucks" icon in myDrake, or by using the direct link (
  2. Click Sign In.

2. Add Money

  1. Click +Add Money under your Bulldog Bucks account balance. (Please note that even if you have a Printing account, you cannot add funds into the print account.  "Printing" is a University account, and your personal funds should be added to the Bulldog Bucks account for flexible usage.  If you are trying to print, Bulldog Bucks will be applied if your print balance is zero.)

3. Make Account Deposit

  1. Choose Bulldog Bucks as the Account.
  2. Enter the amount that you would like to deposit (Visa, Mastercard, and Discover Card payments only) and click Next.  

Make Account Deposit Screen

4. Fill in Payment Information

  1. Enter your Credit Card Payment details and Billing Information.
  2. Click Submit.

Credit Card Information Screen

5. Confirmation

A confirmation screen will appear. If the information is correct and you would like to complete the deposit, click Make Deposit.

Deposit Confirmation Screen

6. Receipt

You will receive an automated email receipt. You may also send a receipt to additional recipients by entering their email address(es) in the “Email Receipt” section - click Send Receipt if you have entered additional recipients.


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