Configuring OneDrive on Windows (How-to)

Drake University uses Microsoft OneDrive as the standard cloud storage solution for anywhere anytime file access, editing, and collaboration. This article provides how-to steps for configuring OneDrive on a Windows computer. There are two sets of instructions for setting up OneDrive on your computer. Once you have completed this set of instructions you'll need to follow the steps on Synchronizing Files to OneDrive on Windows.

1. Open OneDrive

  1. Before configuring OneDrive, either logoff and log back onto your computer or restart and then login. This will ensure opened files have been completely closed and that OneDrive has been updated, which will ease efforts by the OneDrive Assistant. Once you have started these Configuration instructions, make sure not to logoff or restart your computer again until both the OneDrive Configuration and Synchronization instructions have been completed.
  2. Click on the Start menu, then type "onedrive" to search for the OneDrive client.
  3. Click to open the Microsoft OneDrive program. On Windows 10 the search result will show a program named OneDrive. Ignore any programs named "OneDrive for Business". Make sure to open the Program, not something marked as a File. NOTE: If you do not have OneDrive on your computer, please contact the Support Center at 271-3001 or report a Storage OneDrive Issue.
    Searching for OneDrive Win 7 screenshot
    The Start menu on Windows 10 may look similar to the following. Click to open the OneDrive Desktop app.
    Searching for OneDrive Win 10 screenshot

2. Sign into OneDrive

  1. It may take a while for the OneDrive client to open. Once the window appears, enter your Drake email address then click Sign in.
    Sign in to OneDrive screenshot
  2. You may be prompted to choose between a Personal account or one for Work or School. If you're asked to choose between the two, click Work or School. Not everyone will be prompted with this choice.
    Select the 'Work or School' Option Screenshot
  3. Enter your Drake password then click Sign in again. If you are already signed-in to Office 365, you may not be prompted for your password.

3. Configure OneDrive

  1. The path to your OneDrive files should be similar to that below. Click Next to continue. NOTE: Do not click the link to Change location.
    This is your OneDrive folder screenshot
  2. Make sure Sync all files and folders in OneDrive - Drake University is checked. You should see folders named "Desktop", "Documents", "Downloads", "Music", "Pictures", and "Videos" in the folder list. Other folders may also be present. If these folders do not appear in your folder list, submit an ITS service request to have folders created in your account. Ignore the values in parenthesis next to each folder.
  3. Click Next.
    Sync your OneDrive files to this PC screenshot
  4. The OneDrive client is now set up on your computer. Close the Your OneDrive is ready for you window when it appears.
    Your OneDrive is ready for you screenshot

4. Verify Synchronization

  1. A File Explorer window will appear showing your OneDrive synchronized files. As folders synchronize you may see bidirectional arrows over the folder icons, similar to "Desktop" in the picture below. As folders complete their synchronization a green check appears. You may close the File Explorer window.
    Verify Synchronization

5. Next Steps

  1. Next, be sure to follow the instructions for Synchronizing Files to OneDrive on Windows.
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