Configuring Panopto for a Blackboard Learn Course (How-to)

Panopto features a video content management system for creating, uploading, managing, and sharing video and audio files. It’s a centralized, secure place for recorded lectures, flipped classroom videos, campus events, and more. It comes with built-in video analytics, a web-based video editor, automatic encoding to ensure your videos play efficiently on any device, and a unique search engine that helps your students review material mentioned or shown in their course videos.

 If you have never used Panopto before, you must provision your Blackboard Course for use by Panopto. Instructions are available below for both Blackboard Original and Blackboard Ultra.

NOTE: These steps must be completed for each course in each term to allow you to create and distribute multimedia content. Permissions are course-specific, and any content created for this course/folder will be immediately viewable by all enrolled students in the course. As the instructor, you are the only individual who can create content for a course. If you want your students to create content with Panopto you must Create An Assignment Folder for the course. For other special needs, please request a Multimedia Production Consultation.

1. Blackboard Original Course Set Up

  1. Log into your Blackboard Course and select Tools.

  1. In the Tools Menu, select Panopto Content.

  1. Select Configure to begin the provisioning process.

  1. Select Add Course to Panopto.

  1. Review the Course Information to ensure it's correct, then click OK.

  1. If you wish to have all new content in Panopto and start from a new folder, click Return to Course. If you wish to transfer your old content and link it to the new course, click Configure More Folders.

  1. NOTE: This step is only required if you want to transfer your old content and link it to a new course, select the previous folder from the available folders on the left and click Add. When you've selected the folder, click Submit.

2. Blackboard Ultra Course Set Up

  1. Open a course where you are an instructor, and go to Books and Tools which is located under the Details & Actions section

  1. Select Panopto Video from the Available tools list.

  1. Once you add the tool, a folder will be created for your course and will be easily accessible within your Course Content.
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