Banner Terminology (FAQ)

Frequently used terms for Banner 9

Application Navigator

The homepage for Banner Admin Pages.


Drake's system of record for all persons associated with Drake. 

Clean Address

Program that checks the spelling, location, validity, etc... of addresses entered into many Banner Admin Pages


Drake Security Access Procedure - Procedure to change access to Banner Admin Pages.


System to electronically store Banner job output for distribution to multiple people.

Ethos Integration

A system that allows for changes in Banner to be pushed out in real-time to subscribing applications. This system also allows for outside systems to make changes within Banner, given the proper security is set up.


A particular piece of data. Sections are made up of one or more fields.


Users can use jobs to complete many types of processes.

Job Sub

Short for job submission. This is the process by which jobs are submitted to Banner for processing.


There are many modules in Banner. These modules include: Student, Finance, Financial Aid, HR, Position Control, etc.


A single Admin Page where you can view/change data (formerly known as a Form).


A search mode that allows a user to narrow a search.


Undo any changes that have not been saved.


Part of an Admin Page. An Admin Page can have multiple Sections (formerly known as Blocks).

Security Class

A grouping of Admin Pages or jobs that can be assigned to a user.

Self-Service Banner (SSB)

A self-service portal where a user can make changes to their data. Registration, emergency contacts, pay stubs, and more are available through SSB.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

SSO allows a user to log in one time and then be able to access multiple applications without needing to log in to each one.


A system to allow for automated tasks to be completed when triggered by an event within Banner. For example: When I student wants to withdraw from the University.


Drake's imaging solution to scan and store documents associated with a Banner record.

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