About Banner (FAQ)

How do I access Banner?

Please see the KB article: Logging into Banner (How-to)

Can I bookmark the login page?

No. Since Banner utilizes Single-Sign on through Microsoft, creating a bookmark for the login page will result in errors on subsequent login attempts. Instead, please bookmark the following URLs:

What is MFA and why is it required?

Microsoft MFA (Multi-factor Authentication) is our two-factor authentication application that helps secure our data. Please see the Multi-factor Authentication Project (FAQ) for more details.

What are the shortcut keys (hot keys) for Banner Admin Pages?

Please see the KB article Banner 9 Keyboard Shortcuts for a list of shortcuts for Banner Admin Pages.

Can I make my own menu?

Yes. To create your own My Banner menu, you can use the GUAPMNU Admin Page. NOTE: Changes to this menu will require you to log out and back in.

Can I access Banner from off campus?

Yes. All Banner users have access to the Banner application within Citrix Workspace. Please see the Knowledge Base Article, Launching and Using Banner 9 with Citrix Workspace (How-to), for more information.

Is there be a way to export into Excel?

Yes. Exports from Banner are available. By default, they will export with headers.

What browsers can I use to access Banner Admin Pages?

The latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge are the recommended browsers for Banner.

If I'm looking for a student and don't know their exact name, can I still search for them?

Yes. Please see the KB article: Performing a Person Search in Banner Admin Pages (How-to) for details.

Can I run multiple tabs in a browser within Banner?

Yes. You can use multiple tabs or windows within a browser. However, single sign-on is not supported between different browsers.

Can Banner run from a smart phone?

Yes. Banner 9 will run on any size device, including smart phones and tablets.

Will there still be monthly maintenance for Banner?

Yes. During maintenance, due to the new server architecture, there will always be access to Banner 9.
NOTE: You may need to periodically close your browser and relaunch during the maintenance window.

If I don't know correct spelling of an Admin Page, can I use a wild card to find it?

Application Navigator supports predictive text and will actively search for Admin Pages that have the characters in the description or title without using a wild card. For example, typing identification into the search bar will bring up SPAIDEN, PPAIDEN, and other *IDEN pages.

Can I make the "Recently Opened" tab stay open in Application Navigator?

No. Unfortunately, that slides the rest of the screen off the viewable area. You can use shortcut key Ctrl + Y to pull up that recently used pages menu.

Can I find a person on FOAIDEN using their SSN?

Yes. You do get a warning saying SSN was replaced with current ID.

Can I clear a report and then do a wild card search to get just those accounts?

Yes. You can hit F7 (query) and then enter the value you want to search for.

How do I see an image for Xtender?

You can access Xtender through the Add and Retrieve options.

Can I change the screen colors?

Due to the new web architecture of Banner, you are no longer able to change the color of your screen.