Using myDrake for Faculty & Staff (How-to)

myDrake is Drake's campus portal, a website that serves as a launch pad to access other sites, online tools, and organizational content. It's intended for an internal audience and requires a login to access secure information and systems. myDrake doesn't house every piece of content or system, but provides links to content and direct access to systems.

myDrake access is based upon your campus role and the functions you need to use. If you have multiple roles, your access will reflect that.

1. Logging in to myDrake

myDrake is using a system that allows for single sign-on (SSO) to multiple sites. This means that once you sign into your Drake account to access myDrake, your login credentials will be shared with additional applications. ITS staff is working on connecting as many campus systems as possible through SSO, so the number of systems that require a second login will change.

Go to using your favorite web browser. myDrake works on Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari and is responsive so it will scale to an appropriately sized screen on whatever computer, tablet or mobile device you're using.

At the login screen:

  1. Type your Drake email address.
  2. Click Next.
  3. Enter your Drake password
  4. Click Sign in.

See step by step screenshots at Signing in to Microsoft-connected systems (How-To).

2. Navigating myDrake

As an employee of Drake, you will land on the Employee Home page. If, however, you have other roles as a student or parent, you will also be able to access those home pages. In the example below, this employee is also a student and a parent. Clicking on any of the applications will open your task in a new window or tab in your browser. Be sure to allow pop-ups for whatever browser you use for myDrake.

  1. The page you're on, in this case, Employee Home will be indicated in the header.
  2. Everyone has access to their role's page as well as the All Apps page. The All Apps page shows every function available to a particular role through myDrake. Some functions are only included on the All Apps page because they are either used infrequently, or by a small number of people.
  3. Entering a term in the Search bar searches all role-based pages and sections that you have access to as well as the All Apps page.
  4. The Commonly Used Apps area is the same for everyone in your role.
  5. Clicking My Recent Links will show the last 10 links you have visited. You can also clear these links if you want to start over.
  6. The first row of apps stays open by default. You can collapse a section by clicking on the down arrow.
  7. The O365 waffle menu will allow you to access the online version of all Microsoft Office products. You can also add myDrake to your menu by following the directions at Adding myDrake to your Office 365 Menu (How-to).

myDrake Employee Home page

3. Additional Access Options

  1. If you are a Banner user or a faculty member, you will have access to an additional section with the apps you need.
  2. For those who work closely with students, you can see the student page by going to Student View in either the Administrative Tools or Faculty & Advising sections.

Banner Apps section

Faculty & Advising section

4. Filtering the All Apps page

If you have several different roles, you will see a lot of buttons on the All Apps page.

  1. In order to make this page easier to navigate, you can filter by an individual role and/or by a category of app.
  2. Once you click on a category or role, you'll only see those apps. In this example, apps are filtered by both Employee and Other Apps.
  3. To clear your filter, click Clear Filter.

Filtering options for myDrake All Apps

Filter options and removing filters from All Apps page