Virtual Private Network (VPN) (FAQ)

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What is a VPN?

VPN (Virtual Private Network) establishes a virtual connection to Drake's network from off-campus. It ensures the data sent and received between your computer and Drake is transmitted securely over the Internet. VPN allows for access to resources on Drake's network while working from off-campus.

Who has access to a VPN?

VPN is available to faculty and staff with a demonstrated business need for remote access to the Drake network.

Why do I need one?

You do not need VPN to access myDrake, Email, Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, or other key Drake systems from off-campus. Alternatives to VPN are also available for most applications that need to be accessed remotely. 

VPN is primarily needed for administration of technology resources installed at Drake that require direct access to manage. 

How do I get VPN?

Submit a Network Request with a detailed description of the access you need and an ITS staff member member will assist you.

Does the VPN automatically connect each time I log in?

No, you must establish a VPN connection each time you wish to access Drake resources from off-campus.


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