Network Request

Drake offers both wired and wireless network connections to access the Internet and campus resources. In some cases, you need to register your wired devices (typically devices requiring a static network address) in order to connect them. Network ports for wired devices in residence hall rooms are only activated upon request.

Remote access options are also available to help students, faculty, and staff connect to Drake resources and services from off campus.

Use this request to add wired access in your residence hall room, new wired or wireless service in a specific campus room or area, register a wired network device, or get remote access to the Drake network.

What to Expect

You will be contacted by ITS staff within two business days to discuss next steps for your request. ITS will help you identify the best option for your needs.


In order to request assistance you will need to provide the following information:

  • Location, including building and room number
  • Four-digit port location code (residence hall rooms only)
  • Application or resource that you need to access
  • Date service is needed (timing may vary due to staff availability and academic schedule)
  • Network device type and MAC address (network registration requests only)
Additional Information for Faculty & Staff only

The cost of wired or wireless network expansion is usually covered by the requesting department. Drake resources are used as much as possible to minimize expenses, however, the use of outside contractors may occasionally be required.