Moving Videos in Panopto Video Library (How-to)

Video content created in Panopto for one course can be reused in other courses, either the same course offered in a different semester or a different course offered by the same instructor. Moving content keeps the same links so that your Blackboard course will not need to be updated from term to term.

Moving Panopto videos is not part of the Blackboard Course Copy process. Video content must be moved from course to course as needed.

Videos created by another instructor cannot be moved into your course, per ITS policies concerning Panopto usage. Content must be copied, which creates new links for a Blackboard course while preserving the original content. To request a copy of another instructor's Panopto videos, complete the Panopto Video Copy form. Permission from the original instructor for use of their video content must be obtained by the requester.

Moving Videos

Before moving videos to a new Panopto folder, the course must first be provisioned in Panopto. Follow the steps in Configuring Panopto for a Blackboard Learn Course (How-to).

Log into your Blackboard Course and select View course & institution tools under Books & Tools.

  1. In the Book & Tools Menu, select Ultra Version Panopto Video Library.
  2. Find the session/recording you want to move, open the session Settings, and it will bring you to the Overview section.
  3. Click Edit and select the desired folder destination for the session to. Only courses that you have instructor access and that have been provisioned for Panopto will be available.
  4. Click Save to complete the move. Repeat as needed.

Selecting Panopto option

Selecting Settings

Selecting video and folder

Save link

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