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This article addresses how to share new or reused video content that is in Panopto from within your Blackboard Learn Ultra Course. 

Embed video content


Link to video content

Follow these steps to link to video content that you have already created and uploaded to Panopto:
  1. Access Panopto.
  2. Locate your video recording. Hover over the title to bring up icons allowing you to change the Settings, Share, or Delete your video. Select Share.
  3. From the Share screen, click the Copy Link button. This is what you will paste as the URL for the hyperlink you create for the video recording.


Reuse video content

If you want to re-use Panopto content from a different course, you will need to move the videos. Because moving Panopto videos is not part of the Blackboard Course Copy process, video content must be moved from course to course as needed. If you copy content from one course to another but do not move the videos, it may look like the content is there, but students will not have permission to view it.
  1. How to move videos
  2. How to request permission to move others' videos


Questions about moving content?

If you have questions about moving Panopto content, please submit a request:
  1. Submit a request for Drake Online courses
  2. Requests for all other courses



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