Panopto Video Copy

Panopto features a video content management system for creating, uploading, managing, and sharing video and audio files. It’s a centralized, secure place for recorded lectures, flipped classroom videos, campus events, and more. If an instructor needs to use videos created by a different instructor, files can be copied into a new course with the original instructor's permission.

Copying videos will create new links, which must be manually setup in your Blackboard Learn Ultra course. To move content that you previously created, see Moving Videos in Panopto (How-to).

The new course must be setup for Panopto use before the copy process can be initiated. Instructions are available at Configuring Panopto for a Course (How-to)

What to Expect

Once permission has been confirmed from the original creator/instructor, files will be copied within two business days.


In order to request a user addition or removal you will need to provide the following information:

  • Original course CRN, course number, or complete course name
  • Original instructor name and email address
  • Destination course CRN, course number, or complete course name
  • Video file names to be copied
  • Permission from original creator
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