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Services or Offerings?
Request printer account assistance with issues including insufficient funds or balance or charging problems. Not for requesting printing refunds.

Use this service to report problems with existing Drake email accounts, email distribution lists, or calendars.

Request changes to personal or shared email accounts, email addresses, calendars, or distribution lists.

Request a new account or access change. (Faculty/Staff only)

Allow a user who needs to print on behalf of others to charge their printing to the appropriate FOAPAL. (Faculty/Staff only)

Request a new Drake-owned cell phone or make changes to an existing cell phone plan. (Faculty/Staff only)

Get assistance with using the campus multi-factor authentication (MFA) system.

Report any email you receive that you think might be a phishing attempt.

Use this service to request any needed changes in Banner, Workflow, or ePrint including duplicate person merges, job scheduling, and upgrade requests. (Faculty/Staff only)

Request a new audio conferencing number or make changes to an existing number. (Faculty/Staff only)

Report any issues you're having with Banner, Workflow, eTranscripts, or ePrint. (Faculty/Staff only)

Troubleshoot issues with payments made through Touchnet, Drake's online payment system.

Request the purchase of a Drake-owned computer. (Faculty/Staff only)