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Services or Offerings?
Request assistance with getting a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection to have encrypted remote access to the Drake network. (Faculty/Staff only)

Report any problems accessing the network from an existing wired connection.

Report any problems accessing the eduroam wireless network, including wireless coverage issues or poor performance.

Information on registration of connected devices to the Drake wired network including requests for related services.

Request a consultation to expand the wired network to a new location. (Faculty/Staff only)

Get assistance with setting up wireless network access on a computer or mobile device or repairing an existing set-up.

Request assistance with any issues with VPN access to the Drake network from off-campus. (Faculty/Staff only)

Install a surplus networked HP printer. (Faculty/Staff only)

Report any access issues with virtual apps or desktops including Citrix Workspace.

Get assistance with using the Duo multi-factor authentication system

Request a new campus digital sign. (Faculty/Staff only)

Request for a Drake-owned computer to be installed, moved from one location to another, or transferred to another user. (Faculty/Staff only)