Creating a Population with Banner Communication Management (How-to)

Banner Communication Management (BCM) uses Populations to send targeted communications. 

1. Identify Your Population in Banner

1. Create a PopSel within Banner Admin Pages

  1. Log into Banner Admin Pages
  2. Create a population selection by following the Ellucian documentation

2. Create Query in BCM

1. Create a Query

  1. Log into BCM and click on Queries
  2. Click Add
  3. Create a Query Name. This name must be unique across all queries within BCM
  4. Optionally add a Description
  5. Select the appropriate Folder
  6. Select Population Selection Extract
  7. Use the drop-down menus to select your Application and Selection ID
  8. Click Save
  9. On the overview page, click Publish
  10. Finally, click Generate Population

Select Queries

Add query

Define Query

Publish Query

Generate population

3. Generate Your Population

1. Create a Population

  1. Enter a unique Population Name
  2. Optionally create a Description of your new population
  3. If you choose to generate your population later, check the Schedule Population Generation and choose a date and time to schedule the population generation
  4. Select an option in Advanced Options for future Regenerations of this Population
    1. It is recommended to use the Always use the latest published version of the query option
  5. Choose whether to share the population with others who have access to your folder within BCM by selecting Yes or No
  6. Click Generate