Getting Started with Banner Communication Management (BCM) (FAQ)

About Banner Communication Management (BCM)

Banner Communication Management (BCM) is a tool to assist in scheduling one-time and recurring emails to be sent to a population of individuals identified in a Population Selection or by a SQL statement. Emails can be sent a single time or on a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule. 

BCM can be accessed at NOTE: You must submit a Banner/DUSIS Security Request before you are able to access BCM.

Full documentation for BCM can be found on Ellucian's documentation site.

BCM Security Requirements

BCM requires a special security class, business profile, and role in order for an individual to access the application. Please submit a Banner/DUSIS Security Request to obtain access to BCM.

There are two types of users:

  • Content Admin: Can create/edit/delete  templates, queries, populations, manual interactions, and communication jobs
    • Requires the BAN_CMQUERYEXECUTE_C Banner Security Class as well as the COMMUNICATIONCONTENTADMIN role in WebTailor
  • User: Can view templates, queries, and populations. Users can also create communication jobs and record/view manual interactions
    • receive the BAN_CMQUERY_C Banner Security Class as well as the COMMUNICATIONUSER role in WebTailor
Sending Communication with BCM

In order to send a communication with BCM, the following steps must be followed:

  1. Create Template (if not already created)
  2. Generate population
  3. Create Communication Job