Create a Communication Job with Banner Communication Management (How-to)

Banner Communication Management has options to send emails using the populations and templates created in previous steps. These Communication Jobs can be one-time (sent immediately or scheduled in the future) or recurring.

1. Create a Communication Job

1. Create Job. 

  1. Select Communications from the main menu.
  2. Click Create Message.
Select Communications
Create Message

2. Create Message Details 

  1. Create a unique Communication Job Name.
  2. Select the appropriate Organization from the drop-down menu.
  3. Select your Population Name.
  4. Select the Template to be used.
Enter Message Details

3. Schedule Communication

  1. Choose Schedule option
    • Send Now will send the communication immediately upon submission.
    • One Time Scheduling will send a communication one time at a specified date and time.
    • Recurring Scheduling will send communications on a schedule.

NOTE: If you chose to Send Now, no further steps are required. Skip to step 6.

4. Schedule One Time Future Communication

  1. Choose One Time Scheduling in the Schedule section.
  2. Choose the Date to send the communication.
  3. Choose the Time to send the communication.
  4. Optionally, select the box next to Regenerate Population on Send to have the population regenerated prior to sending the communication.

Send One Time Scheduled Communication


5. Schedule Recurring Communications

  1. Choose Recurring Scheduling in the Schedule section.
  2. Choose the Start Date to send the communication.
  3. If the schedule should stop after a certain period, choose End Date or Number of Occurrences.
  4. Set the schedule using the Daily, Weekly, or Monthly tabs.
  5. Optional, but recommended: Check the Regenerate Population on Send option to regenerate the population before sending.
Recurring Schedule

6. Review Message and Send

  1. Review the message. NOTE: Any data fields contained within the template will show with a default value.
  2. Click Send.

Review and Send your message

7. Check Status of Communication Job

  1. From the BCM home page, click Communications.
  2. If the communication job is a recurring message, click Communication Recurrent Messages.
  3. Double click on the job that you want to review, or highlight the job and click it. Open. NOTE: If you are not the owner of the job, select View All.

Check Communication Job Status

Review Job Status Details