Using a Xerox Machine with a Guest or Service Account or Manual Login (How-to)

You can use the Xerox printer/copiers/scanners by tapping your ID to access the machine. If you have forgotten your Drake ID, or need to use a guest or service account to print, the instructions below will show you how to manually sign in to the machine.

1. Wake up the Xerox Machine

  1. If the machine is currently powered off, press the Power button near the display to wake up the printer. If the screen is currently lit, you may skip this step.

2. Log in to the Xerox Machine

1. Open Keyboard / Alternate Login screen

  1. Press the Keyboard / Alternate Login button in the top right corner of the screen.

Xerox Login step 1

2. Type in your user name and password

  1. Using the on-screen keyboard, type in your username in the Username or ID text box.
    1. If your forgot your ID and need to print with your user account, type in your 8-digit Drake ID in this box.
    2. If you need to print as a service account or as a guest, type in the name of the account here.
  2. Press OK. You'll then see another screen to enter your password. NOTE: For guest accounts, your password is the same as your login.
Enter Login Details screen

3. Device Home Screen Options

If you are presented with the below PaperCut home screen, you have successfully signed in to the Xerox machine. From here, you may release print jobs, scan or copy documents, or send faxes using the account you have used to sign in with. For more information on using the functions of the Xerox machines, reference the knowledge base article Printing for Faculty & Staff (How-to).

NOTE: Not all campus machines support faxing.

PaperCut Home Screen
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