Printing for Faculty & Staff (How-to)

These instructions show how to print to one of the new Xerox printers being installed on campus, with some instructions for those who are authorized to print to remaining Lexmark printers. 

1. Select Print from Your Program

  1. Select Print for your document from whatever software you’re using. The example below is showing Microsoft Word from a Windows computer, however the same process applies for a Mac computer.
  2. Select the right printer queue, depending on whether your job is color or black and white. There is a list of printer locations and typed linked to the right. Xerox printers use BW Xerox Follow Me or Color Xerox Follow Me queues. NOTE: If you've been authorized to use a Lexmark printer in your area, you’ll need to select that printer directly.

Printer Queue Options screen

2. Send Your Document to Print

  1. Once you’ve selected your print queue, number of copies, etc, click Print.

Customizing Print settings and then clicking Print.

3. Go to a Campus Printer

Find the nearest printer or the printer in the location where you want to retrieve your print job. Most campus printers print color and black and white. Black and white printers will have a sticker indicating they are only black and white. There is a list of printer locations linked to the right. NOTE: If you’ve printed to a Lexmark printer, your print job will only be accessible from that Lexmark printer.

  1. Once you’re at the printer you want to use, you’ll see a login screen like the one below.

Printer Login Screen

  1. Tap your Drake ID card on the top of the machine to connect with your account. If you ever forget your ID card at home, you can enter your Drake ID number and password manually on the touch screen instead. For more information on manually signing in to a printer, see Using a Xerox Machine with a Guest or Service Account or Manual Login (How-to).

ID tap photo

  1. You will now see the PaperCut home screen.

PaperCut Home Screen

4. Release a Print Job

  1. If you want to print all documents in your print queue, select the Print All button.
  2. To choose individual documents you will need to first touch Print Release. You can then choose individual documents from the list to print by selecting the box next to each.

Print job screen

  1. If you forgot to select grayscale or 2-sided printing or changed your mind and want to save printing funds, you can change that here by selecting Print as grayscale or Print as 2-sided.
  2. Once you've made all your selections, touch Print.

Changing selection and printing

5. Copying or Scanning

  1. If you want to switch to copying touch Access Device.
  2. If you want to Scan, touch Scan. For more information on scanning documents, see Scanning to OneDrive from a Xerox MFD (How-to).
  3. When you're done, log out by clicking on the arrow symbol in the upper right corner of the screen. If you forgot to log out, you will be logged out automatically in a few minutes.

Log out icon


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