Connecting a Game Console, Smart TV, or Streaming Device to the Drake Network (How-to)

This guide will show you how to connect your device to the campus network. The device could be a:

  • Game console
  • Streaming device (Apple TV or Roku box)
  • Smart TV

In order to connect your device, you will have to first connect a cell phone or laptop to the eduroam network. This will allow you to access the device registration portal.

NOTE: You will need to find the 12 character Media Acces Control (MAC) address for the device (example: 00:0a:95:9d:68:16). Each device has a slightly different way of finding this. Menu paths for some commonly used devices are listed in Step 4 below. You can also check your manual for details. If you're trying to find the MAC address of a smart TV, you may need to search for the specific make and model of television to get the correct instructions.

NOTE: Some devices are intended for home use and will not work well on a shared network like DUEntertainment. Devices and features requiring direct access from another device will not work properly. Examples include Chromecast, AirPlay, and some features of Amazon Echo and Google Home devices.

Connecting to the eduroam Network

  1. Using your laptop or cell phone, select the eduroam wireless network.
  2. Log in using your Drake credentials.

For more information, see Connecting to the eduroam Wireless Network (How-to).

Registering Your Device

  1. Using your eduroam-connected device, navigate using your browser to
  2. Log in using your Drake credentials.
  3. Select Sign In.

Manage your devices

  1. Click Add to register a new device.

NOTE: If you've previously registered devices, you'll see them listed. You are allowed to register 10 devices on the network.

No registered devices screen

Add your device

  1. Enter a Device Name so you will be able to identify it from the list. NOTE: Use letters and numbers only--no special characters.
  2. Enter the Device ID (your device’s wireless or wired MAC address depending on how you’re connecting it).

NOTE: Menu paths for finding this information on common devices are listed below:

  • Nintendo: Settings>Internet>Internet Settings
  • PS4: Settings>System>System Information
  • Roku: Settings>Network
  • Smart TV: Settings>Internet Settings or found on the back of the TV (or in the digital manual)
  • Xbox: Home>System>Settings>Network>Network Settings>Advanced Settings
  1. If you want, you can enter a Description, but it's not required.
  2. Click Submit.

Bold text - Device Name, Device ID, Description, Submit.

Entering device MAC address screen

Connect your device

  1. Connect your device to the DUEntertainment wireless network or a wired port, depending on which type of MAC address was registered in step 4 above.

NOTE: If connecting to a wired port, it may take several minutes for your device to be active on the network. If you're trying to connect a wired device and run into issues, please submit a Network Request.

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