Printing FOAPAL Exception

A printing exception is for any user who needs to print on behalf of other staff, faculty, or departments. This will allow them to select from the budget FOAPAL they have access to and will ensure their print jobs get charged to the appropriate account. Printing exceptions can be requested for use by student workers, but requests need to be made by a faculty or staff member.

What to Expect

Requests for printing exceptions will be completed within 2 business days. You will be contacted by ITS staff once the information has been added to the system.


To complete the printing exception, you need to provide the following information about the user.

  • Banner ID
  • Friendly Name – the name/title from Banner that matches the Org code
  • Is the user a student?
  • User Name
  • Budget Manager name
  • Start Date – date that you need the user access to begin
  • End Date – optional – only needed if you want the user's access revoked on a specific date

Please use the request form to add a single user. If you need to add more than one user, please complete the Printing Exceptions Spreadsheet form and attach the file to the service request. A blank spreadsheet form is available below the menu on the right side of this screen.

Request Service

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