Printing FOAPAL Exception

NOTE: Effective August 2021, staff and faculty can no longer print to multiple FOAPAL accounts. All faculty/staff print charges go to their home organization code, based on their primary position identified in Banner. Some printing exceptions are still allowed for student workers, non-employee service groups, and in specific grant situations.

A printing exception is for a user who needs to print on behalf of another staff, faculty, or department. A printing exception allows them to select from a list of assigned budget FOAPALs so their print job is charged to the appropriate account. Printing exceptions can be created for use by student workers, but requests need to be submitted on their behalf by a faculty or staff member.

Exception Types:

Individual: The individual printing exception is linked to a specific Banner ID. With an individual exception, the user will log into their computer with their normal Drake credentials, and will select the account on the printer when they release the print job.

Guest Account: The guest account printing exception is linked to an 8-digit guest account. Users with guest account access will log into their computer using their normal Drake credentials, and send print jobs through They will use the 8-digit number for both the username and password fields. This option is preferred by some departments when they have several student workers share one account.

Shared Service Account: The shared service printing exception is linked to a shared service account, usually an email account accessed by multiple people (, for example). Print jobs are sent from a computer once they've logged in with the shared service account credentials. To release a print job, the user will log into the printer using the credentials to release the print job.

NOTE: When the new Xerox printers are installed in an area, users who print with a guest or shared service account will need to manually log in at the printer. The old guest print cards don't work on the Xerox printers.

What to Expect

Requests for printing exceptions will be completed within 2 business days. You will be contacted by ITS staff once the information has been added to the system.


To complete the printing exception, you must provide the following information about the user:

  • Exception type (see list above)
  • Banner ID
  • Friendly Name – the org code name from Banner
  • Role of user (student, faculty, staff)
  • User name
  • Budget Manager name
  • Start Date – date that access should begin
  • End Date (optional) – only needed if the user's access should be revoked on a specific date

If you need to add more than one user, complete the Printing Exceptions Spreadsheet form and attach the file to your service request. A blank spreadsheet form is available in the attachments section to the right side.

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