Setting up a Payment Plan in Touchnet (How-to)

Students and authorized users can set up a payment plan for the student's account. The payment plan Charge/finance charge is $30 per semester.

  • Students log in through myDrake and parents will need to log into Touchnet using their authorized user account set up by their student. For more information on parent access, see
  • Once set up as an authorized user, begin at Step 2.

1. Log Into myDrake

To log into myDrake, navigate in your favorite browser to

  1. Enter your Drake email address.
  2. Enter your Drake Password.
  3. Click Sign in.

NOTE: See step by step screenshots at Signing in to Microsoft-connected systems (How-To).

myDrake login screen

2. From myDrake


  1. Go to the Student Account & Financial Aid section.
  2. Click on Make a Payment.

Student Account & Financial Aid menu screenshot


  1. Click on View Student Account in the Commonly Used Apps section.

myDrake Parent Home page screenshot

3. Payment Plans

  1. Once you're logged into Touchnet, go to the Payment Plans tab.
  2. Click Enroll Now.

Payment Plans tab screenshot
4. Term Selection

  1. Select Term using the drop down menu.
  2. Click Select.

Term selection

5. Payment Schedule

  1. Enter the optional down payment amount you'd like to pay now.
  2. Select to Set up Automatic Payments.
  3. Click Continue to go onto the payment plan agreement.
  4. Select I agree to the terms and conditions to enroll in the payment plan.
  5. Click Continue.

Down payment entry screen

Set up automatic payments screen


Payment Plan Agreement screen
6. Enrollment Success

You are now enrolled.

  1. To make a payment click the Action button (with the gear) or Pay Next Installment.
  2. View Agreement.
  3. See your Pay off Plan.
Payment Plan details screen


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